Projects Challenges-Collaboration: Opportunity for the effective exploitation of R & D

On January 22, the new call for aid for projects of the Retos-Colaboración typology, one of the four programs that make up the 2013-2016 State R + D + i Plan, was published in the BOE.

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The goal of the call Challenges-Collaboration is neither more nor less than financially support the development of projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations, in order to promote the development of new technologies, the business application of new ideas and techniques and contribute to the creation of new products and services.

For this year 2015, the call has a total of 573.9 million euros of funds (with a schedule of 490 million euros for loans and 83.9 million euros for grants), the latter figure representing 40% more than the previous call in the specific case of the subsidy.

The main characteristics of the call are the following:

Minimum budget per project: 500,000 euros.

Duration: The projects must be multi-year, part of the project must be carried out in 2015 and assistance must be requested for the year 2015. As a minimum, they will end on December 31, 2016 and will end on December 31, 2018.

The minimum participation per entity will be 10% of the total budget of the project.

The consortiums will have a minimum 60% business participation and no partner will cover more than 70% of the budget alone.

The loans will be for 10 years, with a 3-year grace period and a fixed interest rate of 0.329% (Euribor one year in the month prior to the publication of the call).

Travel through America safe and insured

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That should be the motto of all those trade leaders who want to travel responsibly for the Americas. Today there can be both accidents and robberies and an event like that can ruin your future in a way that many can not imagine. What if there is a theft, or do you lose your suitcase? What if it goes further and affects your physical integrity in a plane crash? Of course all this sounds alarmist and pessimistic and someone who does not travel much does not usually have these questions hanging around in his head. However, those business managers and freelancers who continually move around work issues if they may have thought about this, for this the best they can do is to take the appropriate measures to the situation.


What should we do?

The most essential thing that everyone will tell you is that you hire a good flight airline that covers any specific problem, however, at present we can no longer trust these big companies. Has there ever been a delay in the flight and have you not been compensated or compensated for it? More and more people who due to bad management of airports spoil their vacations or business trips, so we will try to go beyond the simple advice you can receive from people with little knowledge. Today what is most needed for globetrotting entrepreneurs are travel insurance. Why? Because these not only look after you in case there is a misfortune or accident, but they will back you up legally and legally if you commit any abuse by these companies. It is time to claim a service worthy of you! Companies such as Assist Card have already settled positively in Latin America, mainly because it is the pioneer and the largest of its kind being created in 1972, which has now expanded globally. “Travel safe and insured” is not just a nice title, now with companies like the aforementioned one because to make that phrase come true and ensure both you and your family. What can we achieve with your services? Medical assistance to travelers, coverage in case of loss of luggage or even an exclusive mobile insurance service can be obtained by paying a comfortable fee that will allow you to travel quietly knowing that you are shielded and insured.

We also always recommend basic measures such as hiring life insurance in the event that, in addition to being an entrepreneur, you are the father of a family. Just imagine what could happen in the event of a fatal accident. Better to prevent! It is necessary to avoid misfortunes and for this they have appeared throughout Latin America organizations like Santalucía, which we recommend that you take a look so you can see everything you can access through it, both home insurance and your life. Take care of your family!

Many people think that insurance is a waste of money, but you should think of it more as an investment and a long-term shield that prevents tomorrow no surprise can ruin your life or that of your family. In our opinion, there are very few fees that have to be paid for the compensation and sum of money that you could receive in case of any misfortune. The important thing about insurance is not when I will receive your benefits, but at any time you can receive it and cover all the expenses you need.

How to save for your children's future

Image result for childrens futureEvery time we think more in the long term, in our future needs we can complement them with forecast products such as retirement plans, but also with others, also in the long term, but much closer as they are to cover the future needs of our children, Especially investing in your future.

The ways to get it are multiple, as many as different types of financial products exist in the market: current accounts, deposits, funds … but surely the insurance-savings are those that offer greater advantages:

  • Make periodic contributions , from small amounts in order to constitute a capital. Deposits, for example, are already contracted with an important initial capital.
  • Having a guaranteed return , with an investment fund, we do not know the result and even with less risky categories such as fixed income can even be in some negative periods.
  • Taxation , with savings insurance only taxes are paid for interest at the time of redemption, with a deposit or savings account is made in each of the settlements or interest payments.
  • Life insurance , in case of death, a small compensation is received, a way of charging an additional capital beyond what is saved that does not have any other type of product.

The sum of all these points allow us to achieve our objective, a long-term capital, through periodic contributions of small amount, whose purpose is to cover the future needs of our children. What if we can not save at a specific moment? Products like the CuenTAEgon Junior add an advantage plus the flexibility that allows us to temporarily paralyze payments and even rescue part of the accumulated fund.

How to meet our objectives

With all these characteristics it is not complicated to design our savings plan based on our insurance-savings, always taking into account a series of variables:

  • Amount to save : Of course we do not have a crystal ball to know if our little one is going to be an engineer, to study in Paris or London and how much it will cost these studies in 10 years, but if we must define what is our final objective of capital adequate, in current terms, to help meet our objective.
  • Time : This is defined by the age of our small saver, if he is still a baby and our goal is to cover his university expenses, we still have a long 18 years to reach his goal, if he is much older, our time will be more limited and therefore the larger contributions.
  • Profitability : We also do not know how interest rates will evolve in the future, but we do have a guaranteed minimum return that we will include in our calculations. For example, although the CuenTAEgon Junior offers 2.50% APR for the first 4 months, and 1% thereafter, the minimum of this product is 0.50%.

We can make two calculations, one conservative taking into account only the minimum profitability, with which the result will be less capital than we get when the interest rates are higher and another with the profitability that we currently offer to know what money we would achieve with stability of types.

The result will be to know what is our periodic (monthly, quarterly …) necessary to achieve our goal, there are many calculators on the Internet that allow us to know this amount or our manager will give us this amount. Of course, we have to confront it with our possibilities, without forgetting again the flexibility of these formulas for saving and protecting the future for the little ones.

The pros and cons of a debt consolidation

Are you currently doing more than a debt repayment payment per month? Are your car payments too heavy to bear?

By answering yes to these questions, maybe it’s time to regain control of your debts and apply for debt consolidation. With this one, you will be able to:

1. Simplify your debts in easy-to-manage installments

2. Save money on interest

3. Pay your debts and be proud of them

4. Have peace of mind as you work to end your debts

If you believe that a debt consolidation is your best choice, here we have all the information for you- sallie mae consolidate private loans DEDEBT.

Use the equity of your home

 Use the equity of your home

If you currently own a home, you can use the equity of it to consolidate your debts. The equity of your home is a portion of your home that you own. That means that if your home is worth $ 250,000 and you have paid back $ 100,000 of your mortgage, you have $ 100,000 in equity in your home.

You can use the $ 100,000 equity of your home to get a loan and consolidate all your debts under the same loan. This is obviously an option for people who are homeowners only but for people who do not have a home, the equity of your vehicle is also an option.

Use the equity of your vehicle

 Use the equity of your vehicle

Like your home, your vehicle has equity. If you need a high debt consolidation loan, the equity of your vehicle will surely not cover it, but for those who do not own a home, the equity of a vehicle is a good option.

Choose an unsecured loan

 Choose an unsecured loan

If you do not own property that can be used as collateral for a debt consolidation, you can apply for an unsecured loan. Unsecured loans are generally lower than secured loans; the maximum amount you are entitled to be approximately $ 15,000. They also come with more risk for lenders than for secured loans but make sure you know all the prerequisites before applying.

The benefits of a debt consolidation

 The benefits of a debt consolidation

Here are some of the benefits that come with debt consolidation, if you have loans for consolidation ٩( ๏ ๏)۶; they should help you make better choices for you and your financial situation.

1. Your payments will be fixed payments that are affordable and hard to forget.

2. Often, you can consolidate your debts at a lower interest rate.

3. You’ll know it will take how long to pay off your debts

4. Fees for services and charges are generally very low.

The disadvantages of a debt consolidation

 The disadvantages of a debt consolidation

While debt consolidation is a great option for many, it still has disadvantages. But do not worry because most, if not all, financial decisions come with advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages that you must know before making your decision.

1. A guarantee is usually required

2. A decent credit score is not required but definitely a plus

3. An unsecured debt consolidation loan usually comes with a higher interest rate

4. You will have to repay your debt in full, but you will simplify the task by having one payment at a time.

What are your chances of being approved?

 What are your chances of being approved?

Unfortunately, only your respective situation will guide whether or not you will be approved for a debt consolidation loan. We can, however, give you some advice and tell you what lenders are looking for. If you are approaching a bank to get a debt consolidation loan, you will have to meet some requirements, including the following:

  • Not a history of several late payments on your debts
  • No big spots on your credit report, such as overdrawing credit accounts
  • An income that is high enough to pay off your debts
  • Not an astronomical debt amount

We know that these requirements can be daunting. But the good news is that getting a debt consolidation from a bank is only one of your options. You could instead turn to personal loans from a private lender or even ask someone around you to co-sign your loan.

By asking someone to lend you money, there will always be requirements to meet and things to do, but keep in mind the light at the end of the tunnel and the sense of pride you will have after repaid all your debts and live without them.